What the heck does "Kairos" even mean???

Our goal here at Kairos Labs is very simple --- to cultivate and create your Kairos Moment. Now, what exactly does that mean? We are so glad you asked. 

To understand what we mean, you must first understand the context of the word. Kairos means a favorable moment for a decision or action. The literal translation is "opportunity." You see, most people see time in a "Chronos" way, which means the neutral linear time we all think of where events have the potential to occur. If only it was this easy, right? We all know that the journey to the top and the success we are all seeking is not as simple or "linear" and takes a perfect storm for the desired outcome. 

This is exactly why we take the Kairos Way approach. This means we want to give you all the necessary tools to foster the atmosphere you need to succeed so when the time is right, you are ready to capitalize on your moment. It is that moment when things are clicking and forward progress is as easy as ever. How nice does that sound? That is what we are all after and that right there is your Kairos Moment and what we will help you accomplish through partnering together. 

Tyler Higgins