What Can KAIROS Do For You?


  • Competitive Research

  • Brand Planning

  • Digital Strategy


Brand Development

  • Website Development

  • Branding & Identity Design

  • Digital Automation


  • Digital Marketing Management

  • Local SEO

  • Lead Generation Automation





Understand your brand’s current position in the market and see how you stack up against the competition. A Competitive Benchmarking project gives you real-time data on the experience your brand is delivering consumers in comparison to your competitors. It helps you to identify areas of improvement and keep track of your competitors to spot opportunities to optimize your strategy and get ahead of them.



Very few goals are ever accomplished without a solid plan. To often we get caught up in the daily grind of business operations and lose sight of if our organization is actually moving closer to that holy "mission statement" we came up with years ago. Let us help you get back on track with a holistic plan that will clarify your brand, strengthen your brand and give you actionable steps to moving your company forward.



In today’s marketing world of Facebook ads, chatbots, email blasts, and search engine optimization, feeling overwhelmed is an easy accomplishment.

Do you feel like you’re always one step behind when marketing your business?

We will help you sew a common thread through all your digital marketing campaigns, establish digital marketing goals, and accurately track results for continuous improvement.

brand Development




Entrust your most important digital asset with our experienced team of designers, developers, and content marketers. We will optimize you for mobile and desktop web performance.

Using the latest strategies in Storybrand Brand Scripts and Sales Funnel creation. With us, you will go from a website that is more like an encyclopedia for your business to a site that acts are a 24/7 salesperson for your organization.

Branding & Identity


Branding is absolutely vital to your business or non-profit. I like to think of branding as distilling you or your company down to the essence of who you are and how you can help.


Think of it as your personality.


This involves:

  • Your name and logo

  • Your brand colors

  • Your target market

  • How you speak to your audience

You stand out from the crowd when you know who you are and what makes you unique. Do you know who you are?



Do you have ways to constantly stay in front of your customers and make sure you are serving them the best way possible?

Let us help you establish automated systems that will allow you to always stay in touch with your most valuable relationships, your existing customers!



Digital Marketing


Have you ever tried to set up some ads on Google? Or on Facebook. It's confusing, right? We see it like this...


In a recording studio, there are hundreds of knobs. If you took all the knobs away, the beginner would feel right at home. The professional, however, wouldn't be able to do his job!


Digital ads are confusing because there are so many parameters to play with. Work with me, and we can help you target your ads to specific audiences that can get results.



You run some sort of business or non-profit. That means you want to be found by people who best fit into your target audience.


Let me tell you a little secret.


People searching online (on Google, let's say) are intending to solve a problem. Hanging up a flyer at Panera doesn't really put you in front of someone searching with intent. People searching with intent are more likely to buy.


That's why you need to show up on search results for specific keywords. And we can help get you there!

Lead Generation


Whatever business you are in getting new leads consistently is crucial but can be a pain steaking process. 

let our team combine all of our resources to create you a custom sales page that uniquely positions your offer online. We will then drive targeted traffic to this high conversion funnel to generate leads for you steadily. Plus automated follow-ups will be sent to the client alleviating even more stress and let you get back to doing what you do best!

This is the same concept all the big brands use because it allows them to have an inbound salesperson working 24/7 around the clock. And in case you've used some of those mass lead generators before don't worry our service will be crafted specifically to your organization and what you offer to the market.